Spring Journey 2021

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 with the most positive online community of women ANYWHERE!



March 8, 2021

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12-Week Journey

HRM Will Work for You!!! 

The Journey

12 weeks:  3 x 4 week phases

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

New workouts every 4 weeks (cardio and resistance)
Instructional videos from Trainers Tanna Payne and Sarah Gilks to develop better form to optimize your workouts.
Workout modifications for different fitness and strength levels.
Timely mindset vlogs delivered to help you create the change you desire from High Performance Coach Sarah
Weekly nutrition tips with Nutrition and Wellness Coach Lea
Meal templates and dietary guidelines, along with healthy recipe sharing in our group.
The HRM Private Facebook group for support and the incredible HRM community 
Our Limited Edition Inspirational Tank Top or Gym Towel
Physiotherapy library to help with personalization of workout modifications with Physiotherapist Natasha
Prizes and mini-challenges along the way!
 A chance at our Grand Transformation prize valued at $700!
Cheer on and BE cheered by the most positive online community of women anywhere
3 Live HIIT Classes with Trainer Tanna
6 Live Hip Hop Classes with Candice
3 Yoga Classes with Katie


Sarah Gilks

 Trainer, High Performance Coach


 CEO/Founder HRM

Tanna Payne

20 Year Master Trainer

Canadian National Olympic Lifting Team

Operating Room Nurse


Natasha Wilch


Owner/Founder Symphony Rehab &

Concussion Compass

Lea Smith

 Perioperative RN, HRM Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Founder: Beyond Measure Nutrition 


HRM Success Stories

"I am so incredibly grateful for the HRM community. Throughout it all, communication in my house has improved between me and my husband and my children. I am more present in the moment and take joy in the small things. I am not rushing through life. I am loving moving my body and pushing myself harder than before. I am more comfortable with doing things that make me uncomfortable. I am no longer small, quiet and lonely.”

~ Jessie Mathie

Carolyn truly discovered that it really is that little bit “extra” that separate ordinary from EXTRAordinary! She shared:


~ “The chalkboard in my garage gym reminded me everyday that It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It only matters what YOU are doing.  This was a big breakthrough for me not just in the gym, but in other areas of my life too….do a little bit extra and big results will follow.” 


~ Carolyn Brown

After losing her husband to cancer, and her children started to lead their own exciting, busy lives, Janet started to spiral down a path filled with unhealthy habits. Emotionally, she didn’t feel that she had the daily support that she needed. BUT, she found HRM, and says:


“This community gave me the support I needed - the Likes, the positive comments. They were the hugs I was missing” 


~ Janet Dent

25 Incredible Ambassadors 

some of whom have walked the very same path as you.



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