Rachel is the co-owner of Elite Sports Injury, St. James in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Her multi-disciplinary clinic cares for clients aged 2-102!  Her team works with sports injuries, workplace and motor collision accidents as well as injury preventative care, massage and athletic therapy.  Rachel is certified in both acupuncture and dry needling, as well as movement analysis through SFMA, FMS, FCS and DNS(A).  Her approach is hands on and focused on patient empowerment through exploring and enjoying movement.

Rachel Wu has been a Physiotherapist since 2009 and Healthy Role Models lifer since 2018.  She is thrilled to be a part of the HRM team as YOUR physiotherapist resource. 


Elite Sports Injury

Beyond Measure

Nutrition Coaching


Lea Smith, your Healthy Role Models nutrition coach, has been a part of the HRM community since it’s creation. As a Registered Nurse, Lea combines her scientific background and love of research with her passion of helping women reach their goals, improve their health, and become the best version of themselves. Lea created Beyond Measure Nutrition to help educate women on how to fuel their body, improve their relationship with food, and teach her clients how to make sustainable changes that allow for amazing results over time.


Beyond Measure Nutrition Coaching

Loving with Intention


Lindsay is starting her 9th journey with Healthy Role Models and considers herself a lifer! After years of posting relationship tidbits in her HRM posts, she is now trained as a Certified Relationship Coach and is the founder of Loving with Intention! She works with couples who are feeling stuck, disconnected and longing for change in their relationships and uses 50+ research backed tools to guide them to a deeper connection, a better understanding of themselves and each other and so much more.

Relationship growth is her PASSION and she gives daily tips on her instagram @loving.with.intention to help others thrive in love! Seeing relationship breakthroughs from the couples she coaches truly lights her up! If you’re interested in working with her, click the link below to find out more

Instagram: loving.with.intention


Loving with Intention



Wells Performance is a global consulting firm that uses cutting-edge science to create proven programs that give performance-focused individuals, businesses and schools the edge they need to reach their goals fast.

Led by our team of industry experts, hand selected by founder Dr. Greg Wells, we have made a name for ourselves as industry leaders in high performance training and coaching. We help organizations take strategic evidence-based action to help their people live healthier, higher performing and more fulfilling lives!