Beyond Measure

Nutrition Coaching


Lea Smith, your Healthy Role Models nutrition coach, has been a part of the HRM community since it’s creation. As a Registered Nurse, Lea combines her scientific background and love of research with her passion of helping women reach their goals, improve their health, and become the best version of themselves. Lea created Beyond Measure Nutrition to help educate women on how to fuel their body, improve their relationship with food, and teach her clients how to make sustainable changes that allow for amazing results over time.


Beyond Measure Nutrition Coaching

Thrive Collective


Thrive Collective is a community dedicated to the exploration of what it means to personally thrive. 

‚ÄčThrough self-reflection, guided journaling, and deep meaningful conversations, the goal of our programs is to help you to go deep, tap into your own inner guru and the collective wisdom of the group, and gain clarity as to what matters most and how you truly want to show up in the world.

Click here to find out more about our popular online Design Your Life program and our Thrive Masterminds and let us know that you were referred by Healthy Role Models during registration.


Thrive Collective

Symphony Rehabilitation


Natasha is your Healthy Role Models Physiotherapist and has loved being a part of this community since 2015.   She is the owner of Symphony Rehabilitation - a multidisciplinary clinic focused on not only returning you to school, to sport and to life but also keeping you able to engage in your life the way you love. 


Symphony Rehabilitation has a multitude of services to meet you where you are and help you reach your goals.  Those services include: Physiotherapy, Laser Therapy, Clinical Counselling, Breath Control Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology.


Symphony Rehabilitation



Wells Performance is a global consulting firm that uses cutting-edge science to create proven programs that give performance-focused individuals, businesses and schools the edge they need to reach their goals fast.

Led by our team of industry experts, hand selected by founder Dr. Greg Wells, we have made a name for ourselves as industry leaders in high performance training and coaching. We help organizations take strategic evidence-based action to help their people live healthier, higher performing and more fulfilling lives!



Courtenay Crucil Counselling & Consulting


Courtenay is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who runs her psychotherapy practice predominantly online. Her passion lies in supporting women to boldly embody their deepest sense of Self and purpose, and she does so through collaboration with the Earth, body, mind, and spirit. Her clinical specialties lie in working with complex trauma and grief and she has worked extensively with adults, youth, families and Indigenous communities. Courtenay is proud to be a part of the HRM community, and loves to support Healthy Role Models on their journey! 


Courtney Crucil Counselling