"I feel free! I feel energetic. It’s easier to get out of bed in the morning, and I’m finding a huge improvement in my endurance, strength and tenacity during my workouts. For the first time in a long time, I’ve seen some significant changes on the outside: 9 inches and 9 pounds of “fluff” gone! I feel grateful. Grateful that HRM gave me the tools, courage and motivation to make these changes. Grateful for my healthier and strong 45-year-old body that can do amazing things. Grateful that I found HRM so many years ago and have made so many connections and friendships that have fuelled my continuing journey.”

~ Dr. Becky Butchart

"I’ve finished this journey stronger than any other. Not just physically, although I am lifting more than I have in the past, but mentally and emotionally. I have been consistent with my workouts, not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to. I’ve improved my nutrition because I want to FEEL good inside and out! I’ve made more connections with other like-minded ladies, and am so grateful for that. I feel like I’ve finally found a balance that is maintainable for my life. “

~ Chelsea Hajer

"The last 3 months with all of you have COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CHANGED MY LIFE. All the ups and downs...thedoubts, the triumphs, the day I took a run while visiting family and got high-fived by a stranger, the time I went home and instead of it being a drink/food fest, I was able to get some workouts in with my sisters and show the person I was now, and see them be SO proud of me, the time I wanted to quit because the workouts were SO hard and you all encouraged me to keep going (well a few times that happened), the moments I have seen pure respect in the eyes of my husband, close friends and my dad at my commitment and consistency, the way my daughter Hayley looks at me as 'badass momma', and when she asks me to chase her and I do, and I catch her...and I don’t feel alone anymore.”

~ Janell Karst

“The changes in the mirror reflect only my outward appearance, but inwardly I feel emerged, renewed. I have found the spirit of my childhood self. In turn, I am kinder to those around me, both the ones I love, and strangers on the street because I can unashamedly love myself. Through the HRM program, I believe I have a mental tote full of tools I can use to sustain this beautiful lifestyle. I am eternally thankful for the Sarah, David, ambassadors and fellow participants for giving me the courage to believe in myself and let go in order to be free to make the transformation both within my spirit and my body. I always had the power with me to change my life. HRM was the catalyst. And I did it.”

~ Lindsey Ward