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We created HRM for Life, so you can stream all the Journey workouts. 

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HRM for Life


A library of upper body, lower body and full body workouts!

  • 12 Instructional Videos
  • 12 Follow Along Videos

Plus ~ Bonus Material Each Month (one of the following):

  • Workouts 
  • Live HIIT workouts
  • Hip Hop Classes

Plus ~ BONUS discount on HRM Journey Registration.

Plus ~ Special Bonus for HRM Journey members:

  • When you complete a HRM Journey, you get to keep that Journey in your Library!**

Become a HRM for Life member and make an impact on your health with our incredible library of workouts and instructional videos.

 🦋Sarah and Team HRM 🦋


**Failure of payment or cancellation of membership will result in permanent removal of all past Journey Workouts from member's area.

 **printable PDFs of workouts are not included


Bonus  Material Added Monthly

These are sold as separate products but are included in HRM for Life FREE!

Live Hip Hop Replays

and Live HIITS with Tanna and Sarah will also be showing up!


HRM for Life Members

receive a discount on future Journey Registration

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