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Sarah Gilks

Trainer, Coach, CEO/Creator

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “life is a journey, not a destination” and, now more than ever, I could not agree with him more.  I feel so lucky to have found the path that... more

Master Trainer

Candice Fraser

Director of Client Care

I am back!!!  For those of you who don’t know me my name is Candice. I am a wife to two beautiful Kids Addison and Hudson. I am just returning from Maternity Leave... more

Alec Watson HRM Photographer

Alec Watson

Creative Director

Hi, my name is Alec, I am super lucky, and grateful, to have made a good living as an artist my whole life. I started out in music in my 20's... more

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Natasha Wilch

Community! The love, power and growth you can experience when you surround yourself with inspiring people ~ and that is exactly what HRM is!  I joined HRM ...more


HRM Physiotherapist


Lea Smith

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

I see you…yes, you! A woman who doesn’t trust her body and feels uncomfortable in her own skin. A woman who feels she is doing the right things, but isn’t getting results ... more

Transformation Team


Courtney Julien HRM Photographer


Hi, I’m Courtney! 

  There are a many things I love in life: my family, my cats, Hawaii, my husband (though not necessarily in that order), I love the quiet breeze that floats through the trees, nature, island life, bright colours, laughing until it hurts, getting out of my comfort zone, performing, dancing around like a wild woman, and Creating!

... more




Make-up Artist

I believe every woman is beautiful! I am so passionate about helping women not only see this for a moment but also believe it for a lifetime. There is something amazing that seems to happen in the makeup chair; walls come down, hearts open up, celebrations happen and confidence arises! more




Hair Stylist

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be one of the photo shoot hairstylists. And it's been so great to see the wonderful women from the last photo shoots on the page. Photo shoot weekend is such a fun time and I love helping you feel your best after all of your hard work! more


Hair Stylist

Heather is a master stylist/colorist who has been creating beauty for over 20 years in the Nanaimo area.  Heather has also travelled internationally as a guest artist educating others in the art of hair styling and coloring techniques. more...

Team Bios


Hair Stylist

Hello all! This is my third time that I get to work with all the lovely ladies doing hair for the HRM photo shoot. I own Serenity Salon with my twin sister Megan and styling hair for these weekends is so much fun and inspiring! We have owned our salon for  more...


Make-up Artist

Hello HRMs!! I am so honoured to be one of the makeup artists for your celebration photo shoots. These shoots are seriously one of the biggest highlights of my year! more...



Make-up Artist

 Hello ladies!  I am one of the lucky makeup artists that will have the pleasure of getting you ready for one of the most amazing experiences of your life! more...

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