Tamara Livingstone ~ Abbotsford, BC


Welcome to Healthy Role Models!

I am honored to be chosen as an Ambassador for Spring 2020 and looking so forward to being on this journey with you and celebrating your success!

I found HRM at a time when I was really struggling. Struggling to reconnect to who I was and what my purpose might be aside from a mother, wife, daughter and full-time working gal. I felt like I lost my spark and I just could not find my way back to it. This went on for far longer than I care to admit. I knew if I wanted to live the joy-filled life I envisioned for myself I needed to make some changes. I just did not know how or where to get started. Does any of this sound familiar?

Enter Healthy Role Models......

HRM is where I re-discovered and re-connected to my “WHY”. I got my spark back!

This took some time; it did not happen overnight. This is my 8th journey and with each journey, I added on layers, ran my own race and tried new-to-me things and ideas. I trusted the process, even when it got hard. I started to participate on the page and went to events, got curious when others mentioned podcasts, books and shared their experiences. Here is what I discovered: I was not alone. Others had a similar experience or were feeling the same way and looking for changes of their own.

Going all in and allowing myself to be vulnerable was the catalyst for the change I was craving. Step-by-step my mindset shifted, I started to live that joy-filled life I envisioned and most of all I learned to love myself for who I was right now, mind, body and soul. In this community, you will find the most inspiring and supportive group of women who are all here to encourage and cheer each other on. Does it get any better?!

This year I will turn 50 years old.... I can honestly say I’ve never felt better!
I am thankful every day that I found Healthy Role Models and I can not wait to share that enthusiasm with you.

If I can offer one word of encouragement when you feel some overwhelm creeping in.... it is to breathe.... Remember you are not alone; you have an entire community here to support and encourage you.

My wish for you is that you go ALL IN! Lean in, trust the process and put yourself out there!

Xoxo T.

                       “You never know who you might inspire.”

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