Rachel Wu ~ Teulon, MB


Hello and WELCOME to the Autumn 2019 Journey of Healthy Role Models!  My name is Rachel and I am so honoured and humbled to be a part of the incredible Ambassador team.  I’m 32 years young, and I joined HRM nearly years ago.  Had you told me at that point that my life was going to change, I honestly was ready for some body changes, but I was not prepared for ‘everything else.’  The beauty of HRM not only comes from being physically active, but there is a shift in mindset, a new focus on being solution based, and being surrounded by COMMUNITY!  


Pre-HRM and being a physiotherapist, I understood the benefits of working out, eating healthy and how to modify through injuries.  However, I found myself feeling alone in my health journey. It felt like I was the only one struggling through having 2 young children, owning 2 businesses and fighting through the resistance of getting back into some sort of shape after having my second daughter.  Joining HRM gave me a community of women who supported one another unconditionally.  I was immediately drawn to ‘liking’ and commenting positive messages to complete strangers, not only because it inspired me, but because it felt like I am a part of something bigger.  I have never felt alone in this last year of my health journey and I am SO GRATEFUL to the entire community for that!


My goal as an ambassador is to help you walk through this season of your life.  You are running your OWN RACE.  Comparing yourself to someone who is in a completely different part of their journey should not be a competition or something to get you down.  Every day, I can look on the Journey page, and find someone pushing their limits, inspiring those around them, lifting heavier weights, practicing self-care, taking care of their mental health, growing personally or professionally (or both!) and it only motivates me to DO BETTER. 


If there is ONE thing I learned from being an HRM, is that if I take on one thing each journey or season, I can create lasting HABITS and build on each facet of my life successfully.




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