Natasha Wilch

Healthy Role Models Physio


When I considered signing up for my first HRM Challenge in Fall 2015 I was nervous – I own my own business, I am a wife, a mother, when was I going to find the time? How did people do it?  I literally signed up in a five-minute window of sudden courage.   Thank Goodness I found those five minutes – because it has led to an amazing journey.   The HRM community is unlike anything I have ever experienced!  I have been pushed physically, challenged mentally, tried activities I have either never done or thought I wasn’t able to do anymore, and supported unconditionally. 


My Fall Journey gave me more then I could ever imagine ~ I love this community, and I wanted to be able to give back to it in my own way.   I am a physiotherapist and owner of Symphony Neurological Rehabilitation.  

A symphony is created by the unique participation of instruments. Led by a conductor they come together to create a dynamic, fluid, synchronized piece of music.  Your muscles, bones and nerves are your instruments.  Your brain is your conductor. The movement you create is your Symphony. 

Neurological Physiotherapy is about movement ~ it’s about creating an invitation in your body for your brain to be able access and allow yourself to find new and alternate movement patterns.  It’s about treating the whole body and the whole person, not bits and pieces.  It’s another tool and resource to help you reach YOUR maximum potential.   


I am passionate about what I do – whether it’s pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, teaching and educating– I love to share my knowledge and work with you to help you achieve your goals.  I am an advocate for regular “movement check-ups” to evaluate your strength, muscle imbalances, alignment; to address issues noticed and correct them BEFORE they become an issue or lead to an injury.   Education is power! Understanding how to properly stabilize and activate your muscles to achieve your desired outcomes.  I work with my clients hands-on to ensure muscles are activating correctly and exercises are being executed safely.  Lastly, but definitely not least, rehab – if you do happen to injure yourself it’s important to take the time and follow the right steps to get you on the road to recovery.  


I am honored to be able join you on your HRM Transformation as your HRM Physio.



**Disclaimer** ~ Natasha is not in the forum to diagnose, treat, or attempt to cure any ailments, but will respond to general questions and point you in the right direction. It is always best to seek individualized or specific advice in person.

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