Lisa Michaleski ~ Selkirk, MB

Welcome to YOUR Journey with Healthy Role Models Autumn 2019! I am so grateful to be a part of this AMAZING journey with YOU! This is my sixth journey and my third as an ambassador! My name is Lisa Michaleski and I just turned a healthy, and strong 45 years old this Spring 2019 along with this amazing tribe of women. My husband and biggest #ripple and I will be celebrating 21 years of marriage as we embark in April. My boys who are the reason I stay active are, Jackson (13) and Matthew (10). We also care for our Mom who cannot take care of herself which fuels my drive to remain healthy and active as I age. I am a high school teacher for Lord Selkirk School Division, in Selkirk, Manitoba. The last 5 years I have been more active than I was in my 20's, with my last 3 journey's with HRM really allowing me to understand the fuel and nutrition that my body has been lacking.

When I started Healthy Role Models, I was looking for some guidance with workouts and nutrition which I received wholeheartedly. What I didn't realize I would get when I started was a team of chosen sisters that would help, inspire, challenge and motivate me to be a better version of myself. In the past I had been always looking at fitness and nutrition as things that I had to do, rather than what I choose to do to allow me to live my happiest life. The mindset change I have had in the last two years I would consider my greatest strength, the ripple effect that HRM has had in my home, personal life and work life is so exciting. I am so proud and forever grateful to be a part of this amazing, inspiring group of women

As an ambassador, I hope to lead by example, to motivate, inspire and empower YOU. We will share our triumphs and challenges, our joys and fears because WE ARE WORTH IT! My advice to you is find a CHOSEN SISTER to watch, then find another, and another because when we support and participate in each other's journeys we are unstoppable. I am so excited to watch as you embark on a new journey to the rest of what is possible, I cannot wait to connect with you!


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