Leigh Clements ~ Barrie,ON


Hello HRMs!

This will be my 6th journey with HRM, and my first as an ambassador. I
have always been active, but I found my motivation and consistency
waning, and my results sporadic. I was completely tapped out emotionally
and energetically, and I knew I couldn't do it alone for much longer. I
put it out there to the universe that I needed help. Within an hour, a
friend posted the start of the Spring 2017 journey on Facebook, and I
didn't hesitate, I signed up immediately! I had no idea, though, just
how HRM would impact every facet of my life.

I had just come through a very intense divorce after a very traumatic
situation came to light and was a new a single mom running a business
and still trying, in the thick of all if it, to keep the plates
spinning. Add in three very serious health issues that just kept
pounding me backwards and I just couldn't seem to shake that last 20
pounds of baby weight from having my second son. Without knowing a
single other person in the group save for my friend Tara in Nelson, BC
on the other side of the country, I started connecting with the amazing
women in this group on the page. Now, I have so many incredible friends
who are HRM in my social sphere!

My boys are now 11 and 8, and as a family, we are thriving. The support
of this community has been integral in my transition into my new life,
and they have cheered me during my successes and propped me up during
the darker times.

What you don't see before you sign up is the impact of the support of
all these incredible women. When you have successes or falter, are
feeling like superwoman or like something found on the bottom of a shoe,
these women have your back. My first journey, I didn't engage much, but
for my second I turned away from all of my trepidation and put myself
out there. And that vulnerability changed everything because this
incredible community embraced me the minute I put myself out there to be
seen and supported.

It's because of this that I am so honoured to be an ambassador for this
journey. To have the chance to give back to everyone in an ambassador
capacity is such a thrill. Wherever you are in life, HRM has you. If
you're brand new to working out or are looking for community like I was,
you are in the right place!


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