Kim Kennett ~ Smithers, BC


My first journey was in the Spring of 2016.  The timing of being introduced to HRM was perfect and I was so excited to be a part of the community.    The women in the HRM community were happy, positive and successful.   To be a part of a community of women empowering women...I was grateful.


At the age of 37 I was a single mom.  I had been making changes in my life. Getting away from toxic people at at times struggling.  My boys were my rocks. 

HRM helped me learn and grow through this time.  We are teaching as we are learning and I did my biggest growth while being apart of HRM.

The beautiful friends I've made are forever. So many women helping share strength and love. The Healthy mindset to live a sustainable lifestyle with happiness and balance. All things kids thrive on. I share this message with my boys.  We have a very tight bond with great communication. 


Autumn 2019 holds some special goals for me:

~ A half marathon on a mountain. 

~ Stretching/yoga is taking a higher priority this journey. 

~ More Outdoor adventures that include traveling to other areas to meet more HRMs


Let's Do this Together and talk about our lessons. 

~Kim Kennett~


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