Kari McLeod ~ Nanaimo, BC

Welcome ladies! I couldn’t be more excited to be an ambassador for Healthy Role Models Spring 2020 Journey. Joining this group of amazing women is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and I truly believe we all need this kind of wonderful support and inspiration in our lives. You’re going to love it here!

I am 36 years old and live in Nanaimo BC. I have 5 fabulous children ranging in age from 2 to 22. I also have an amazing husband I have been married to for 10 years this October.

I found Healthy role models when my hairdresser mentioned it to me many times over the space of a year or so and finally took the plunge 5 years ago. I knew after my first journey that I would be a “lifer”.

Healthy Role Models has given me the tools to make the changes I’ve wanted to see in my own life. From fitness and nutrition to mindset, goal setting and so much more. Since I’ve been a part of this community, I have done things I never thought possible. I have learned to run, worked out to the point where it is now such a part of my daily life I can’t imagine not doing it. I quit smoking, learned to treat myself with kindness and compassion, decided to change the internal dialogue that often told me that my worth was defined by the number on the scale…. So many amazing things, that I continue to build on
every single journey.

The community, support, and inspiration is endless here. It is very real. We are here to cheer you on, lift you up, remind you of your incredible worth and endless ability to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself, and then celebrate every single one of your wins right alongside you. This is the gift we all give
to each other, and there is nothing quite like the support and inspiration of our “chosen sisters”.

I know this journey is going to bring about beautiful things for us all and I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing things you create!


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