Karen Hamm ~ Spruce Grove, AB

Welcome to Healthy Role Models and Thank You for making the decision to join us for Your Autumn 2019 journey!

My name is Karen and this is my Ninth journey with Healthy Role Models.  I am ecstatic and humbled to be chosen as one of your ambassadors!

I have been married to my supportive, patient, husband, James, for 21 years, and we have two enthusiastic, spirited young kids; Alexander, 8 and Mila, 6. When I am not at home with family, I am working part-time with Alberta Health Services.

September and October USED to be my hard months. I would feel sad. Really sad; then depressed.

Before Healthy Role Models, I had very little balance for my health and well being. Like most mothers, I put my family and other commitments before me. I felt I was on a 
spiralintodeep depression and did not want that to happen.

*I had a back that was weak and would often randomly 'go out'. Once I bentdowntopickupmyback pack before heading to the zoo and it was out for over a week! I hated telling my children I couldn't do anything because of my back.

*I relied on energy drinks to help make it through the days keeping up with 2smallkids.  The first thing I did in the morning, was to crack open a can of Red Bull. I drank anywhere from 2 to 4 cans DAILY!

I didn't drink coffee so somewhere in my mind, I felt this was a totally acceptable option.  It wasn't until I saw my 2year old pretending to drink one of my empty cans that I REALLY saw the example I was setting for my kids.


I signed up for Healthy Role Models purely because of the name. I knew exercise was good for my emotional and physical health and the program sounded perfect. Little did I know how much of a positive change the program would be for ALL aspects of my life

Healthy Role Models hasbeenabsolutelylife changing. Sounds like a  cliché, but it really was!

I followed the exercises consistently, learned about fueling my body for my goals, kicked my Red Bull Habit to the curb in 4 weeks (October 24, 2015) was able to meet up weekly with other inspiring HRMs, completed my first 10k run within 4 months of my 1st journey, then went on to safely complete five Half marathons and numerous other runs over the years! Even a 10k this year in -42 degrees! Yep, #CrazyRunner.

I expanded my mind to consider that there is always more than one way to view a situation. As well, I now appreciate the ability to learn something new every day about myself, no matter how small.

I realized that yes, my family is important, but if I was not emotionally and physically healthy, I could not be the best ME for them!

With the community of supportive, empowering women, I was able to push myself towards my goals, overcome obstacles, and find balance and my strength.

Every day is a new chance to be the best you, and I am so grateful to Healthy Role Models for helping me gain that perspective again.





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