Jennifer Vermiere ~ North Vancouver, BC 

Hello Friends. My name is Jen. In this season of my life, I am a wife, a mother to two young school-aged boys, a friend, a full-time working professional, a volunteer on our school’s parent committee, and generally, a.doer.of.all.the.things.  I love being with my family in the forests and on the beaches of the North Shore, spinning in the dark, loud spin studio, and furiously cooking dinner with my husband so we can sit down at the table as a family most nights. 


This is my fifth year of being a part of an on-line community of women who believe in the value of lifting each other up.  There is power in the affirmation and validation from other women who are in the trenches, on the mountain top, sliding down into the valleys, and on the path with you. 


The Autumn 2019 Journey will be my seventh overall, but my second as an ambassador. What a privilege it is to add my voice to the team.


Over these next 12 weeks, I encourage you to ask yourself, “Who was I before I was somebody to someone else?”  Did you love to dance or read?  Play soccer or softball?  Write or practice yoga or take photographs? Dear woman, what sets your soul on fire?


Reminding yourself of who you are will unlock the magic in how this journey will come together for you.  Get ready to put on your own oxygen mask first, sweat, laugh, be willing to try, and find your way.


Welcome aboard, welcome back, and most importantly, #mayweallfindjoy in this adventure together.

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