Heather Skwarczynski ~ Nanaimo, BC 

Hello my beautiful sisters, what an honor to be chosen as part of the ambassador team.  I come with only honor for those who have gone before me and set such a high standard of integrity.

My name is Heather Skwarczynski, and you need to know that I am the sister who will bring life and laughter.  I like to say “I’m a little bit country, and a whole lot of rock n role!”  I am a woman of faith and integrity, and I am very committed to loving people.  My goal is to “walk the talk”, and although I am imperfectly perfect, I care and I am totally invested in this community. My other hashtag “Fit not skinny” has helped me become a strong girl, and I’ve learned so much from HRM… about fueling my workouts and my life…I tend to run in a wee bit in Beast Mode.

I have always been involved in the fitness community, with activities such as softball, track, the gym or dance. The last 10 years have morphed into, half marathons, shorter races, and now into sprint triathlons. As well as my love for mountain biking.  I was raised with integrity, and a high work ethic, and always strive to be “my” best, and not anyone else’s.  I am so inspired by the women I have surrounded myself with, am super competitive with MYSELF.  I have however forgotten at times to keep my blinders on and run my own race, but a good friend of mine said “comparison is the thief of joy” and boy was she correct!  I even abandoned a friendship many years ago because of my own intimidation and insecurities.  I’ve also had times in my life where I felt I wasn’t enough or worthy…WHAT A LIE!  The TRUTH is I am worthy and I am enough.  I’m so very thankful for my faith, and this community that agrees with the TRUTH!

This will be my 8th Journey with our HRM community, and I am so excited!!  This community carries with it so many incredible values.  One of my favs “The ripple effect” involves your journey’s contagiousness to reach family and friends…YOU are valuable!  We need you and you need us!  I am so proud to be walking hand and hand with the ambassador and leadership team.  We are in good hands sisters, and I believe that we are all jumping as one!  In the words of our fearless leader Sarah, “head up wings out”, I so looking forward to taking this journey with you all.


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