Hayley Vandal ~ Nanaimo, BC

Healthy Role Models journey 20 in 2020…YUP, this is going to be EPIC! I am so looking forward to doing this with all you ladies.


My name is Hayley Vandal. I am a wife, a mother of two, a pharmacist, a co-business owner, and, am honoured to add, an ambassador of this Spring journey to the list.  

This will be my seventh journey with Healthy Role Models. Each journey has been unique depending on the season of life. I have done this journey postpartum, pregnant and then postpartum again. I have been a transformation finalist and an ambassador three times before but nothing compares to the experience of that first journey.  It was Spring 2017, I was 10 months postpartum after having my first child and I was about to go back to work full-time. The thought of it was overwhelming. I had gained so much in life but felt like I had lost a little piece of myself.

Prior to my daughter being born, physical activity was my therapy (it was my time to reflect, my time to challenge myself, my time to escape) and I was looooooooong overdue for some therapy. I joined Healthy Role Models with the intention of getting back into a workout regimen and carving in some dedicated ‘me’ time.   Then I was invited into this online community and was in complete AWE of what I saw. I was instantly hooked.

Every moment of every day these ladies were lifting each other up on my newsfeed. I was inspired by the physical strength I saw but, more importantly, the confidence these women portrayed. They had a strong sense of self, they celebrated who they were and they celebrated where they were while still striving for more, and they honoured their struggles – I wanted that and wanted to be that for my daughter.

It was truly a life changer…


My biggest piece of advice would be YOU, DO YOU!! And you, do you every day, in every way. Only you know what you need most out of this journey. Only you know what is required to finish this journey feeling proud. And you deserve to feel proud.


See you on the page,  Hayley

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