Hayley Vandal ~ Nanaimo, BC

Welcome to Healthy Role Models Autumn 2019! Congratulations on taking this step in your journey.


My name is Hayley Vandal. This will be my sixth journey with Health Role Models
and I am honoured to be completing this journey with you in the role of

My first journey with Healthy Role Models was Spring 2017. I was 10 months
postpartum after having my daughter and I was about to go back to work full-time. The thought of it was overwhelming. I had gained so much in life but felt like I had lost a little piece of myself.

Prior to my daughter being born, physical activity was my therapy (it was my time
to reflect, my time to challenge myself, my time to escape) and lets just say I was
looooooooong overdue for some therapy. I joined Healthy Role Models with the
intention of getting back into a workout regimen and taking back my time. Then I
was invited into this online community to see women supporting women in ALL
aspects of life.

I was instantly hooked. I was in awe of the positivity and inspiration that filled my
newsfeed. I was inspired by the physical strength I saw but, more importantly, the
confidence these women portrayed. They had a strong sense of self, they celebrated who they were and they celebrated where they were while still striving for more, and they honoured their struggles – I wanted that and wanted to be that for my daughter.

A lot of life has happened over the last two and a half years. Each journey has been unique. Each journey I have gone in with different intentions. Each journey I have faced different obstacles. Each journey I have had different successes. Each journey I have learnt more about myself. Each journey I am that much closer to that woman that I aspire to be for my daughter and son (yes, a lot of life has happened).

I am beyond excited to watch you learn about yourself and realize how strong you
are in ALL the ways! My biggest piece of advice would be YOU, DO YOU!! And you, do you every day, in every way. Only you know what you need most out of this journey.

Only you know what is required to finish this journey feeling proud. And you
deserve to feel proud.


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