Erica Holling ~ Nanaimo, BC


It is an absolute privilege to be an ambassador for Spring 2020!

This community is unlike any other which is why I will be an #HRMforlife.

My name is Erica Holling and I am a mother, nurse practitioner and endurance athlete.

I have always been an active woman. I danced from my childhood into my 20s, then took up long-distance running and ran 30+ half marathons and various races. At age 42 I was inspired by my incredible friend and decided I wanted to take on the sport of triathlon – so I learned to swim. Triathlon continues to be an exciting, challenging and rewarding part of my life.

Like so many women I haven’t always spoken kindly about my body, my inner critic stole so much joy from my life and I was always hustling to be thinner, faster and more worthy. Healthy Role Models helped me flip that script. Yes, I am stronger and leaner but the most valuable gift of being part of this community is the shift in my mindset and how I view and talk about myself.

Healthy Role Models is the foundation for all my training – nutrition, strength, mindset – along with heaps of inspiration from this extraordinary community of supportive women.

We are here and ready to cheer you on and celebrate your success.

Show up, lean in and take chances.

Xoxo Erica

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