Emily Work ~ Nanaimo, BC

Hi Beautiful Ladies!


Whether this is your 1st Journey or you’re an HRM Alumni, you’ve definitely joined the most fabulous community of women! 

If anything, I know firsthand that this program isn’t a one-stop shop. This will be my 16th Journey, which means this Autumn I will be completing my 8th year as a solid member of the HRM community. Time flies when you feel amazing, inspired, motivated, and connected to like-minded women! 

A little bit about me: I’m a 42yr old Mom to 3 kids (15, 12 & 3). I’m a Registered Nurse in the Nanaimo hospital, as well as a Clinical Nurse Instructor for the RN program at Vancouver Island University. I recognize that I am a busy gal, but I’ve also recognized that making myself a first priority helps with the external and internal chaos that we call Life! HRM has seen me thru various experiences of my life: divorce, advanced education, job changes, pregnancy and post-partum, new love/marriage, having to navigate 3 busy kids with all their activities intertwined with mine, trying to maintain healthy relationships and dealing with a laundry pile that just keeps getting higher! Not only have I also made tremendous friendships online and in real-life, this community has been the only consistent part of my life in all these years, and it continues to save my sanity each and every Journey!

My biggest contribution to this community is being a firm believer in honoring our self-worth! A healthy connection to self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love is challenging for the majority of women, and I am here to help you become aware that you are capable of all of these components, regardless of how your past has imprinted on you. We are all capable of change, challenge, new found perspective & awareness, and growing from the inside out! If you’ve just joined the HRM community, or you have joined previously, you already love yourself and may not even know it yet!

I’m truly looking forward to cheering you all on this Autumn! It’s time for YOU to shine!

Here’s to an amazing Autumn 2020! Ambassador Emily, Self-Love Guru, comin’ at ya!!

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