Clare Buchacher ~  Fort Sask, AB

Welcome to Healthy Role Models! My name is Clare Robertson-Buchacher.  This is my 6th journey and second time as an ambassador. I am so humbled and honored to be here and to be a part of this amazing journey with you!

I am 51 years old with a hubby, 2 grown amazing kids and 2 crazy hounds. I am an RN working shift work in our local ER department. Before  HRM I had tried every fad workout program/diet you could think of. I would lose some weight then stop. Gain it back. Feel bad about myself because I quit. Repeat. Then I stumbled on Healthy Role Models. It is NOT a fad workout/weight loss program. It is a lifestyle, a community, a gift to yourself. The HRM program gives you the tools and support and encouragement you need. It teaches you self awareness, discipline, gratitude. Fitness is now a part of my daily routine as well as the journaling and reflecting. I am a happier, kinder, stronger more confident woman. I have met other local HRM-ers, had co-workers see my progress and hear me rave about Healthy Role Models and joined the fun. This is an amazing community.  It is a sisterhood I didn’t know I needed. I am an HRM-lifer.

I am so honored and nervecited (nervous and excited) to be chosen to do this ambassador role. I will be learning right along with you. I am hoping to offer you support, advice and encouragement. I will cheer you on, celebrate your wins and will be here if you need advice to overcome overwhelm. My first journey there were ambassadors that stood out for me and were very welcoming and kind.  They were so approachable and inspirational.   Having that connection was a big part of my success. I hope to give that back to this incredible community of women.

I love HRM and hope you will too. Step out of your comfort zone. Trust the process and you will have so much fun and will be proud of your results!


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