Christine McBride ~ Winnipeg, MB

Hello beautiful!  I am so honoured and excited to be a part of the ambassador team for Autumn 2020!


My name is Christine McBride and this is my first time as an ambassador.  I'm 42 years old, married for 15 years to my husband Andy, and mom to kids Sam, 13, and Grace, 5.  I live in Winnipeg and work as an Aviation Welder but I am also training to move into an inspection role.  I have also been working at completing my Certificate in Management through work and have finished 5 of 8 courses.  Like so many of us, life is overwhelming at times!


I learned about Healthy Role Models through a dear friend after seeing her amazing transformation and hearing all of the wonderful things she had to say.  Words like supportive, genuine, community, friendship, are all words that only begin to describe what you will find here.  After my first journey I was hooked!  This will be my fourth journey and I just can't imagine being anywhere else.  The woman in this community are phenomenal!  I have laughed, cried, cheered, and been over the moon inspired!  Because of the ladies in this community I have done things I never thought I would.  Spin class?  Yep!  Running?  Yep!  Stairs, hills, sparkle parties, emojis, gifs, hashtags?  All yes!  


One of the HRM sayings that I have found to be most impactful to my life is to "run your own race".  We are all different, unique, and have our own story to tell and we are all navigating these journeys in our own way.  No one way is better than another.  Do what works for you.  You do you!


I am beyond excited to navigate this journey with you and my hope is that you will find the same kind of connections, inspirations, and spark that I have found!  



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