Our main mission with Healthy Role Models and our 12-week transformational journey programs is to do just what our name suggests ~ create MORE Healthy Role Models, in our own community and around the globe.  By creating more Healthy Role Models, women who are living a healthy, positive, fulfilling lifestyle, this allows for a MUCH greater reach and impact. These women start to INSPIRE their families, friends, co-workers, and even strangers by leading by example.


As our Healthy Role Models Community grows and grows and grows, it is only natural to enlist the help and support of some of the incredible women who have taken part in our past programs ~ our Ambassadors!

For the Spring 2021 Journey, we have openings for A FEW new Ambassadors on the team!


To APPLY to be an AMBASSADOR in the Spring 2021 Journey, we ask the following:


  • truly “walk your talk”, living and breathing a strong, healthy lifestyle and have a growth mindset.

  • LOVE to exercise and eat clean, healthy foods not because you “have to”, but because you “choose to”

  • you embody the words Dedicated, Committed, Supportive, Empowered and Positive, and always choose to see the BEST in every person and situation

  • you ARE a Healthy Role Model and you have a strong mindset of "Who can I help?  Who can I inspire?", shown by your actions and how you lead.

  • that you lead by example with the HRM Language of Leadership and refrain from using profanity in our community page

  • that you have participated in 2 or more programs with us and have been a visible contributor to the online community.

  • that you can dedicate 1 hour (or more if you choose) per day, supporting and inspiring others in our online community

  • that you are willing and open to leading a local weekly event for the community (virtual since we are not able to have "in person" events at this time)

  • that you are willing and open to take on assigned tasks

  • that you will participate in fundraising efforts for Kids International Development Society

  • be solution-based with your thinking and posting

  • have FUN!!!


Your role as an Ambassador is to cheer everyone on, help answer some of the questions, help keep everyone engaged, share your knowledge, INSPIRE others, and show everyone that they too, can embrace and love this healthy lifestyle!!


We only have A FEW SPOTS open on our Ambassador Team for SPRING 2021.  Applications will be accepted on FEBRUARY 22 & 23, 2021 , and successful candidates will be contacted within the week.


If you are chosen as an Ambassador for the 2021 Spring 12 Week Journey, you will receive:


  • the gift of REGISTRATION (valued at $229 + tax)

  • a beautiful fundraising piece

  • extra SURPRISE gifts along the way

  • the gift of knowing EVERY single day that you are helping so many women on their journey ~ PURPOSE and IMPACT.


We are so grateful to have you as part of our community, and thank you so much for applying for this integral role with Healthy Role Models.


Sarah xo

We are looking for a few incredible

Healthy Role Models to add to our 

SPRING 2021 Ambassador Team.  

To apply, submit your 500 word essay explaining why you would be an amazing fit in this role to admin@healthyrolemodels.com

Deadline 11:59 pm February 23rd, 2021