Hi, my name is Alec, I am super lucky, and grateful, to have made a good living as an artist my whole life. I started out in music in my 20's, and went on to earn gold and platinum records as a record producer and engineer with acts like Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West, Rhodes and Marshall... I also produced records for people with dreams that you have never heard of.


I am very proud of all of those projects; they were all made from the heart with a lot of care and a lot of love, whether for a famous musician... or someone, with dreams, who may have been your neighbor.


I moved to photography a little over a decade ago. I always wanted to be a photographer; I love it. In a decade I have managed to create a career that took me from one little digital camera and pictures of my musician friends, to flying 180,000 miles last year leading international fashion campaigns for KMS and Goldwell, to being director of Photography for Britney Spears Lingerie campaign... What a crazy year!?


Want to know a secret? One of my favorite shooting experiences ever, out of all that travel and all those years? Working with Sarah shooting for Healthy Role Models. That may come as a surprise, let me tell you why. When I shoot campaigns, we have large teams all trying to work out how to engage consumers - it's an interesting challenge, but that is what it is.


Shooting for Healthy Role Models comes from the heart. It's a portrait session for someone making changes in their life; we get to collaborate on capturing a little slice of time. It's a little capture of how it feels to celebrate; the images come from the heart. At the end of this journey, let's meet up and celebrate by creating a little piece of art. It may sound nerve wracking, but I promise you it will be fun, really enjoyable and wonderful experience you won't forget .... Cause that's what it is for me too 😊 .


All the very best,


Alec Watson