2020 Transformational Journey Ambassadors

Jaqueline 2020.jpg

Jacqueline Bennett ~ Victoria, BC

Hello HRM beauties and welcome to the Spring 2020 Journey!!! My name is Jacqui Bennett and this will be my tenth journey and my second as Ambassador. I am beyond excited and very honoured to be one of your Ambassador’s for this journey. A little bit about me   more

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Shawna Dolynny ~Victoria, BC

As long as I can remember I always had a perception in my head of what a 'perfect body' should look like. I had strived to achieve it through every "quick fix" and fad diet that is out there. You name it, I’ve done it. I was a slave to the scale  more

Chelsea 2020.jpg
Laura 2020 - Use Existing Bio.jpg

Laura Vesel ~ Mississauga, ON

HRM taught me how to best serve myself, so that I am able to best serve those around me – You can’t pour from an empty cup! Through this my family and those close to me have benefited immensely – from regular food prep to my Lady Squad watching and learning ...   more

Leah 2020.jpg

Leah Sheffield ~ St. Albert, AB

"You will hear us say over and over again that the community you will find here is a place of magic. This is not an exaggeration! Never before have I had the joy of belonging to such a fun, uplifting group of people... more

Hayley 2020.jpg

Hayley Vandal ~ Nanaimo, BC

Welcome to Healthy Role Models Spring 2020!!  Congratulations as your life just got better and YOU don’t even know it, YET!...    more

Karen 2020.png

Karen Hamm ~ Spruce Grove, AB

With the community of supportive, empowering women, I was able to push myself towards my goals, overcome obstacles, and find balance and my strength. Every day is a new chance to be the best you, and I am so grateful to Healthy Role Models for helping me gain that perspective again.....more

Tamara 2020.jpg

Tamara Livingstone ~ Abbotsford, BC

I can honestly say I’ve never felt better!I am thankful every day that I found Healthy Role Models and I can not wait to share that enthusiasm with you.   more

Erica 2020.jpg

Erica Holling ~ Nanaimo, BC

Hello beauty - it is such a pleasure and privilege to serve on this incredible ambassador team for the Spring 2020 Journey. This community is like no other and we are so glad you are here!.. more

PK Flip.jpg

Paula Flemming ~ Port Alberni, BC
I love the connections that I have made in Port Alberni and with HRMs from different communities. Iʼd often
let my anxiety get the best of me and felt lonely and missing out.  Tools Iʼve gained through HRM have taught me to step out of my comfort zone to connect with others... more

Janet Dent.jpg

Janet Dent ~ Winnipeg, MB

This community is so strong and powerful. We learn from each other. We push each other. We encourage each other. We relate to some, admire others, and yearn to be like others. The Healthy Role Models community is really the best place to be ....more

Katelyn Ferguson.jpg

Katelyn Ferguson ~ Qualicum Beach, BC​

Over just the few Journeys I have done so far HRM has taught me so much I’m seeing a lot of physical changes but it’s the mindset and emotional changes that are shining through as well....more

Kari 2020.jpg
Jill Hewitt.jpeg
Rachel 2020.jpg

Rachel Wu ~ Teulon, MB

The beauty of HRM not only comes from being physically active, but there is a shift in mindset, a new focus on being solution based, and being surrounded by COMMUNITY!   .... more

Jennifer 2020.jpg

Jennifer Vermiere ~ North Vancouver, BC

Over these next 12 weeks, I encourage you to ask yourself, “Who was I before I was somebody to someone else?”  Did you love to dance or read?  Play soccer or softball?  Write or practice yoga or take photographs? Dear woman, what sets your soul on fire?.... more

Jen Walsh 2020.jpg

Jen Walsh~ Smithers, BC

The encouragement and support you will find in this community is unreal. You will find yourself craving these workouts. You will be pushed by other women, not in a competitive way, but rather an inspirational way, to become the best version of you!. ...more

Laurelle 2020.jpg

Laurelle Loe ~ St. Albert, AB

Welcome! My name is Laurelle, and I’m so very excited about what is ahead for us all.  This is my 7th journey with Healthy Role Models and my third as an ambassador. The Healthy Role Model community is a very special place  more

Selina 2020.jpg

Selina Andres ~ Nanaimo, BC

This community surrounding you here is full of welcoming, supportive, empowering women with goals and dreams just like you. Everyone is at a different stage in their learning and fitness so keep your blinders on and KEEP GOING!.. more

Jolene 2020.JPG

Jolene Hermanson ~ Nanaimo, BC

Having a group of women who want to empower themselves and rise up to their higher selves… you can’t help but want to achieve more for yourself as well. . . more

Leigh 2020.jpg

Leigh Clements ~ Barrie, ON

I am so honoured to be an ambassador for this journey. To have the chance to give back to everyone in an ambassador capacity is such a thrill. Wherever you are in life, HRM has you... more

Donna 2020.JPG

Donna Schibli ~ Smithers, BC

I love HRM for so many reasons. The connections you make with like-minded women on the same path to improving your health are top on my list. The support, encouragement, and camaraderie are beyond anything I could have imagined... more

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